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Our all-natural InnerPure supplement supports gut health & weight management, as well as helps the colon go through a detox to make those with stomach and intestinal issues can get back to living life without pain & worry.

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Alleviates Bloating& Expels Waste.

Supports Weight Management.


Peak Up

All-natural health supplement maker iPeakLife offers a libido-enhancing product containing only 100% botanical ingredients.

Peak Up is a natural supplement for energy and stamina.

Contains Astaxanthin, Notoginseng, and Maca Root extracts.

Improves fertility, energy levels, stamina, and sexual function.

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Give your immune system a boost with this powerful blend of all-natural herbs and vitamins. This supplement is designed to strengthen your body’s defenses and protect against illness and infection.

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Find natural health solutions with our premium herbal supplements and expert team guidance.

At iPeakLife, we believe in the power of natural ingredients to enhance your well-being. That’s why our herbal supplements are made with high-quality ingredients to help you achieve optimal health naturally. Whether you’re looking for an alternative to traditional medicine or a way to boost your current regimen, our supplements are a trusted source for natural wellness.

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Our wide range of supplements includes products for various health needs, all made with high-quality ingredients and sold at affordable prices.
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Our customers are satisfied with the effectiveness and quality of our herbal supplements, helping them achieve their wellness goals.
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We prioritize client satisfaction by offering premium herbal supplements that are effective and high-quality.
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With 10+ years of experience in the herbal supplement industry ensures that we provide only the highest quality products to our customers.


IQ MAX is our advanced brain supplement, carefully formulated to support alpha wave activity, attention, and focus on complex tasks. With high-quality ingredients such as Maltodextrin, Vegetarian Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methyicellulose), and Rice Hull Concentrate, our supplement enhances cognitive abilities and promotes optimal brain function. It helps you think more clearly and react more quickly, even under daily stress. IQ MAX is the perfect addition to any wellness routine. Whether you’re a student, professional, or simply looking to improve cognitive function, try IQ MAX today and experience the incredible benefits for yourself!

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Brain Supplement

Cognitive Function

Nature Itself Is The Best Physician. Dietary Herbal Supplements Can Help Support The Body’s Natural Healing Processes And Promote Overall Wellness.

NotoGinseng Steamed Powder

Notoginseng raw powder is made from the notoginseng root with a low-temperature, air classifying mill after being deep cleaned and dried, while cooked notoginseng powder is grounded after high-temperature processing such as frying and steaming.

Vascular Health

Vascular Health

Improving their cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems

Healthy Circulation

Healthy Circulation

Elevated blood pressure, blood sugar, and blood lipid

Relief and Circulation

Relief and Circulation

Notoginseng can stop bleeding rapidly and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic functions. It may also promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis.

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